No News is Good News: On the lack of news coverage of the Marriage (Same-Sex Couples) Act

So, same-sex marriage is now law in England and Wales. We fought long and hard for this, and now marriage law is totally equal [1] and the oppression of LGBT people is finally a thing of the past [2]. UK-based LGBT activists are generally pretty happy about this. All is not well, however. It seems that Whitehall does not feel it is getting adequate praise for its generosity.

One wonders what they were expecting. I mean, as a story it’s something of a non-starter: the law got passed, and that’s more-or-less it. Having watched some of the debate I feel fairly confident in saying that there isn’t really much to say. Just homophobes being homophobes while supporters of the bill repeat the same arguments, time and time again, as my hope for discussion of the aspects of the bill that I care about slips away to nothingness. Not exactly riveting news.

Then again, perhaps it makes some sense for the government to complain. After all, the BBC hasn’t exactly been shy about producing thinly-veiled propaganda supporting other government positions, so why not? Perhaps a good fifteen minutes of high-profile LGB [3] people singing the praises of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Maria Miller on prime-time BBC One would do? It’s only what they deserve.

Frankly, I’m not going to lose much sleep over this. I mean, ideally I would like a critical discussion of the problems that still exist in the act, but given the BBC’s attention to detail on this point, I wouldn’t expect much. I say let’s not give the government too much fanfare. After all, a good deed is its own reward, right?

[1] Sarcasm.
[2] Further sarcasm.
[3] The omission of the T is deliberate for a number of reasons here. See if you can guess them all!


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